Warning!! The Kingdom of Loathing mushroom plot is not fully understood yet. This tool may not produce the correct results in all cases.

I have updated this program on 2006-03-03 to conform to the following set of rules:

Fixed a bug on 2006-03-05 too, for a plot provided by bum51.

This page was translated from the original perl CGI into Javascript by snofish on 2006-03-06. Moon phase code was added by DahdidahDahdit on 2009-08-25. Thanks! (If your browser doesn't like the Javascript, the original version is still available as well, though it lacks the moons and the gloomy blacks.)

This program is provided "as is", without any guarantees of correctness, merchantibility, or fitness for any particular purpose. Any damages incurred through the use of this program, or its output, are the sole responsibility of the person running the program or using the said output.

There are no restrictions on the use, modification, or distribution of this program. Do what you want with it. Mirroring it is encouraged, because I have extremely modest upload bandwidth. (Original version)

I hope you find it useful.

Greg Wooledge; greycat (#692002) and darkgreycat (#693025) in-game.