Dear President-elect Bush:

Congratulations on your first (and last) legitimate election as president of the United States of America. Normally, a president-elect would have to wait until January to begin the work of fixing the country, but since you're fortunate enough to sit in the president's seat already, you can get a head start. Why not start right now?

Reasonable people may disagree on which of them need to be done first, but all of the following need to be done in order to get this country back on track:

That's your job now, Mr. Bush. You signed up for it, you won the election, and now here we are. You could do the first three items by the end of the year. The fourth will probably take longer, but you need to start on it as soon as possible. Issues like the spiraling deficit, the deterioration of health care, and soaring unemployment -- those are important too, but they're largely the responsibility of Congress or the states, not the president alone.

You Republicans like to say that you're on the "Right", but you've been doing a lot of Wrong lately. It doesn't have to be that way. You can turn this country around, and bring us back to the days when we were the inspiration for a world in turmoil, not the cause of that turmoil. That's your job as president, and it's about time you got started.

Signed, Gregory J. Wooledge

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